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Artisan Crafts

What We Do......

Welcome to Artisan Crafts, it is lovely to see you. Artisan Crafts makes and sells unique products for you to buy as gifts or to treat yourself. 

Bath and Body Products.

We make beautiful Artisan Soaps, Bath Bombs, Resin Art and very soon we will have our 'Cordially Invited' Event Stationary available.  

All our Artisan Soaps are made with some of the most wonderful natural ingredients. Our soaps are rich in natural and sustainable oils, fabulous butters such as Cocoa and Shea Butters, Coconut Milk and many other amazing ingredients. These ingredients enable us to create luxurious handmade products to pamper yourself or you can gift to someone you care about. All our products have been assessed by Independent Cosmetic Chemists to ensure our products are safe and meet all UK Cosmetic Requirements.

Resin Art.

We create beautiful Resin Art. We make Geodes, Coasters, Wall Hangings and Trinkets among other gorgeous items. why not take a look.

Wholesale Orders

We take wholesale orders for many of our products. Contact us directly if you would like this service. 



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